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WE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE 3D CONCRETE TILES. All our products are handmade with an emphasis on high precision, quality and exceptional design. „We invent, design, implement, inspire.“

The interior is more than just „matching colors, furniture …“. Each color, material has its meaning and influence on the space in which they are located and together form a whole, the „atmosphere“ that gives each space a specific character.

The use of pure natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, textiles has a significant effect .. the extent to which materials we use and their composition. One of the materials that certainly has a significant effect on the overall composition is concrete.

Concrete is a purely natural material that was already known to the ancient Romans (opus caementicium) and was used, for example, in the construction of the Pantheon in Rome. In addition to its useful properties, it also has unique aesthetic, visual qualities.

The contrast in the application of this material is fascinating. Its story in time as an ancient building material, a modern industrial utility material and at the same time a delicate design element.

On the construction site, concrete acts as a cool functional element, but in interiors it is a transcendental, charismatic material that gives the interior a minimalist and also the clean modern, sophisticated look. And in addition to the mentioned qualities, it has another nice feature, namely durability and it si maintenance-free :).

For us, concrete is a great inspiration and we believe that we will be able to inspire you as well. 3D concrete wall tiles will definitely be an exceptional part of any interior.


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